The NDMA Act, 2016 tasks the Authority to, among other functions, conduct research on drought management and generate, consolidate and disseminate drought management information. Knowledge generation, and its management, is a key component in ending drought emergencies as it ensures decisions are made based on sound evidence. Thus, research contributes extensively to drought risk management and adaptation to climate change.

NDMA calls for applications for partial grants not exceeding Kshs 1,000,000 from ongoing PhD students whose research topic and/or area of research is in a drought-related field. The research bursaries will be financed from the European Union funded Ending Drought Emergencies: Drought Risk Management and Coordination – Support to Pillar 6 (EDE / DRMC - SP6) project.

Interested applicants may download the Terms of Reference for the Call for Applications on the following link;

Call forApplications for Research Bursaries for ongoing PHD students

NDMA Research Bursaries - Newspaper Advert