There are currently eight counties where drought conditions are considered normal, 10 in the alert phase, and six in the alarm phase. The trend is worsening in seven counties while four and 12 counties recorded an improving and stable trend respectively. The average distances to water sources for households and livestock recorded an increase compared to the month of July in several ASAL counties. The current trekking distance to water source from grazing areas increased in all counties except in Tharaka, West Pokot and Baringo. Additionally, most ASAL areas experienced near to total maize and green grams crop failure. Maize production ranges between 1 and 10 percent of the five-year average across counties, with the exception of Meru (Meru North), where current production is 29 percent of the five-year average. Green gram production ranges between 1-9 percent of the five-year average. Most poor households have minimal food stocks from the harvest that are only likely to last through September.

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