Extension of Deadline for Submission of Provision of Broadband Internet Services Tender.

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Tenders advertised on November 03, 2017

Kindly click the links below to download the full tender documents for the various tenders:

1. Provision of Staff medical insurance scheme
2. Provision of Cleaning services
3. Provision of Broadband Internet Services
4. Supply and delivery of Calling cards
5. Provision of Catering services
6. Provision of Courier services
7. Supply and delivery of purified water
8. Supply and delivery of newspapers
9. Provision of WIBA GPA
10. Supply of assorted foodstuff

For clarification on tenders advertised on November 03, 2017 click HERE

Tender for provision of repair services for motor vehicles

Kindly click the link below to download the full tender document for the above service

Full tender document

 Addendum/Clarification for Tenders No. NDMA/02/03/04/05/06/2017-2017

Expression of Interest for Supply of Enterprise Resource Plan (ERP)

PDF Version for EOI

Word Version for EOI

Final Tender Notice for Preparedness Projects July 2017

TENDER NUMBER NDMA/01/2017-2018, Kithiru Kiruire Earth Dam

TENDER NUMBER NDMA/02/2017-2018, Kwa Ndaki Kitui Earth Dam

TENDER NUMBER NDMA/03/2017-2018, Qalanqalesa Earth Dam

TENDER NUMBER NDMA/04/2017-2018, Kieranthi Tharaka Earth Dam

TENDER NUMBER NDMA/05/2017-2018, Bulto Abarufa Earth Pan Tana River

TENDER NUMBER NDMA/06/2017-2018, Kwa Diki Earth Pan Kwale