The Government of Kenya has made a commitment to end the worst of the suffering caused by drought by 2022. The actions needed to achieve this are set out in the Drought Risk Management and Ending Drought Emergencies Medium Term Plan (MTP) for 2013-17, which is part of the Kenya Vision 2030 MTP2.

The Common Programme Framework for Ending Drought Emergencies (EDE) Initiative was launched in Kenya on 4th November 2015.


The Ending Drought Emergencies Initiative (EDE) is a new approach that recognises that droughts cause emergencies because the foundations needed to support sustainable livelihoods in drought-prone areas principally security, infrastructure and human capital (education, health and nutrition) are often weak. This weakness is due to historical imbalances in investment, which are recognised the Constitution and one of the drivers of devolution. The EDE initiative will accelerate investment in these development foundations as well as strengthen the institutions responsible for managing drought risks.

The EDE is being implemented through a Common Programme Framework that will ensure stronger alignment and coordination of investment and activity between the National Government, the County Governments and Development Partners. It is also aligned with the 2013 Kenya External Resources Policy, and specifically its requirements for country ownership and leadership, mutual accountability, managing for development results, and stronger alignment and coordination.

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EDE Medium Term Plan 2013-2017

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Common Programme Framework