1. Technical Services

The Technical services Department is composed of three (3) divisions namely:-

A. Drought Information:

  • Developing and maintaining drought information systems
  • Coordinating national and county food security assessments
  • Processing drought early warning information for use by stakeholders

 B. Drought Resilience

  • Coordination of drought risk reduction and building of long-term resilience to drought
  • Promoting capacity building of community planning units in participatory disaster risk assessments
  • Facilitate formulation, implementation, M&E of strategic risk reduction programmes, projects and initiatives

C. Drought Contingency Planning and response

  • Develop strategies and oversee coordination and implementation of drought response programmes and projects based drought management cycle and contingency planning
  • Consolidation of county plans into national drought contingency plans
  • Establishment and maintenance of a national drought response capacity database

 2. Support Services

This department has five (5) divisions namely:

  • Finance and Accounts
  • Human Resource and Administration
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Supply Chain
  • Media and Public Relations

 3. Resource Mobilization and Advocacy

  • Mobilise resources for the Authority through engagement of collaborating Development Partners and organised community groups
  • Build and sustain effective partnerships both within and without Government and identify Development Partners with interest to support the Authority
  • Develop advocacy programmes that engage local communities in key decisions which ensure their active participation in drought management at their level

 4. Policy, Planning and Research

  • Development and review of the national strategy on drought management
  • Convene joint planning and prioritisation by stakeholders through joint fora
  • Providing framework for coordinating financing of public sector role in national response
  • Initiate and participate in organisational performance reviews and business process improvement programmes
  • Coordinate research in the field of drought management

 5. Internal Audit